San Francisco Mock Jury via Zoom

Must Attend Two Sessions:

Thursday September 23rd - 45 Minute Technology Check via Zoom
Friday September 24th - 8:30am-6:30pm Mock Jury via Zoom


Live in San Francisco County
Have Zoom & Webcam on a Computer (not phone/tablet)
Have @Gmail Email Address

Payment for Completion:

2021-Aug Mock Jury San Francisco
This study requires using a free @gmail.com email address. Are you willing to create one for the study?
What ethnic category would you classify yourself?
What was the last year of school you have completed
What is your total household income?
Do you have access to a computer with a webcam and reliable internet access? Please note: respondents cannot participate using any kind of tablet or mobile device.
To participate in this study you must use Google Chrome as your internet browser. Do you have the Google Chrome web browser on your computer?
Are you willing to install Google Chrome?
Do you have the desktop Zoom app installed on your computer?
Are you willing to install Zoom?
You will be required to use Google Chrome, Google Classroom, and Zoom to participate in an online research study. You will be provided with training on all the programs and navigation in them will be very easy. Do you have a problem with using any of these programs?
It is a requirement that you be monitored on video during the entire research project. Is this a problem for you?
To participate you will be required to be present and watch all video presentations, fill out online questionnaires, and participate in a group discussion. Are you willing to provide those services?
Are you currently employed?
Please specify your unemployment
Do you, your close friends, or anyone in your family work in news broadcasting or reporting, journalism, or Law?
Have you been called to report for jury service within the next 3 months?
Have you participated in a mock jury in the last 4 months?
Have you (or a close friend or family member) ever had any personal or professional relationship with the any of the following people, companies, or law firms?
Politically, do you lean more toward the liberal direction and/or the democratic party, or, do you lean more toward the conservative direction and/or the republican party?
Do you own or rent your current residence?
During this project you will not be sold anything. However, during the course of the research project, confidential information will to be disclosed to you. You are required to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that you agree to keep all information you learn during this project confidential. Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?
Tech Check