Confidential In-Person Study on Women's Incontinence Underwear

$100 for 1 Hour Visit

Appointments 9am-6:30pm on August 24th & 26th

500 Frank W. Burr Boulevard, 1st floor Teaneck, NJ 07666
(Glenpointe Building)

Fill out the form below if you are able to attend to see if you qualify!

** Before participating, you will be asked to send a picture of your incontinence underwear packaging **

Are you or any of your other household members currently experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever, etc.) or do you or any of your other household members have or had COVID-19 in the past month?
Have you recently been in close contact with anyone experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever, etc.) or anyone who has or had COVID-19 in the past month? 
1. During the interview you will be asked to wear a set of non-prescription eyeglasses. This is a new technology that we would like you to help us utilize. Is this OK?
2. Which of the following do you need to wear in order to shop in a grocery store or supermarket whether to walk down the aisles or to read package information?
3. Do you have issues seeing objects from 4 feet away?
4. Do you have any eyesight problems such as current or reoccurring eye injuries, colorblindness, a glass eye, pink eye, astigmatism, or a strabismus of any kind such as crossed eyes or lazy eye? 
5. Do you currently use a wheelchair, motorized scooter, walker, or any other type of walking assistance device to get around on while shopping?
6. Are you allergic to rubber?
7. Have you ever participated in a market research discussion group or individual interview?
8. How long ago did you participate in a market research discussion group or individual interview?
8a. What were the market research topics that you participated in more than 3+ months ago?
10. Do you or does anyone in your family work for or have ever worked for any of the following companies or industries?
12. Many women have told us that they experience unintentional urine loss.  Women of all ages can be affected by this common phenomenon and the severity can vary from a few drops when coughing, sneezing or laughing to larger quantities.  Have you yourself, experienced any of the types of unintentional urine loss, if even only a few drops, or overactive bladder described above in the past 6 months?
13. How would you describe the intensity of your unintentional urine loss during the past 6 months?
14a. Unintentional urine loss is just something I deal with, not a big issue
14b. Unintentional urine loss is a really serious issue for me
14c. I am always looking for a better way to manage my unintentional urine loss
14d. I go out in social settings less due to my unintentional urine loss
14e. I avoid talking about my unintentional urine loss with others
15. It is common for women of all ages to experience unintentional urine loss because they can’t get to the bathroom in time due to a sudden uncontrollable urge to urinate. How often, if at all, have you, yourself, experienced this in the past 6 months?
16. Thinking about the past month, which of the following products, if any, have you used for your bladder leakage? Have you used…?
17a. Panty liners
17b. Light Pads
17c. Moderate Pads
17d. Maximum Pads
17e. Ultimate/Overnight Pads
17f. Bladder Leak Underwear
18. Which brand or brands have you purchased and used in the past month to control bladder leakage?
19. Which one brand have you purchased and used MOST OFTEN in the past month to control bladder leakage?
20. Are there any brands you would NEVER consider using in the future?
21. How long have you been using products for unintentional urine loss? 
22. How often do you experience accidents/leaks (accident/leak is defined as urine getting outside of product and onto your clothing) with your products specifically designed for unintentional urine loss?
24. What is your current marital status?
25. What is the last level of education that you completed?
26. What is your current employment status?
28. What is your total annual household income?
Appointment Time